A Letter from the Founders

As a CEO building iContact for ten years from 2002-2012, I dreamed of having a real community of entrepreneurs who understood what it truly took to create an impactful and financially successful business.

I dreamed to feel like I could be myself, contribute my knowledge, and be supported by CEOs committed to making a better world for our families through all the ups and downs that come along with growing a company. I wanted to feel part of a tribe who would understand me.

Since starting Hive in 2013, I have spoken to thousands of CEOs, and all of them shared the same need. We needed to be around a community we could trust, we could invest in, we could grow with, and that would support and that would support our companies growing too. And so we decided to start the Hive CEO Network.

The Hive CEO Network is about building long-lasting relationships, having transformative experiences in beautiful places, and growing the prosperity of our members’ companies. We know that our collective community of CEOs with common values, intentions, and shared resources will make a more beautiful world, more profitable businesses, and happier humans.

Morgan Carson and I, as founders of the Hive CEO Network, happily invite you to join us and apply to become a member of this extraordinary community today.

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