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The Hive Entrepreneur Network (HEN) is a global network of CEOs and founders who are building companies making a positive impact in society and building lives that are about health, happiness, and contribution. The community is about building long-lasting relationships, having transformative experiences in beautiful places, and growing the prosperity of our members' companies. All of the CEOs and founders in the network are currently leading businesses with $1M in annual sales or capital raised or have successfully sold a company for $1M+.

We host retreats for our members every 90 days in different locations around the world. Learn more about our upcoming retreats here. These retreats provide an opportunity for new members to onboard into the community.

The Hive Entrepreneur Network was founded by Ryan Allis, who previously led iContact to 300 employees, $50 million in annual sales, and a $170 million exit to Vocus (NASDAQ:VOCS). The community is co-led by Morgan Carson, previously CEO of Rene Ropas.



Our Goal Is Simple...

To build a community of extraordinary entrepreneurs and host events that supports entrepreneurs in:

  • Building and scaling profitable, purpose-oriented, and impactful companies
  • Creating a more joyful and healthier values-based life with deep and meaningful relationships
  • Increasing wealth financially, emotionally and spiritually with the ability to contribute to society from a whole and generous place.
  • Ensuring there is someone to talk to about the challenges that come up in life and work
  • Building lifelong relationships with inspiring people
  • Planning for healthy and happy families and friendships that create stability in our purpose-driven work
  • Planning for your financial legacy both before and after exiting


Retreats in Beautiful Locations
Four times per year we gather for the Hive Entrepreneur Retreat. Upcoming locations include Arizona, Cabo, Tulum, Costa Rica, Maui, Bali, and Colombia. 

Monthly Calls
Once per month we host a Zoom Call for all our members around the world -- designed to help you get to know other members and solve your biggest personal or professional challenge.

WhatsApp Group
We have an active and ongoing WhatsApp chats for all members where you can ask questions and share resources. We have member-only groups by city and industry.


​Marc Castro
CEO, Datalyse
Cardiff, UK

I lead a software company in Cardiff, UK with the mission of building the world's easiest contact center software. Hive is helping me scale my CRM software company to 8 figures in sales and is helping us raise venture capital. The Hive Entrepreneur Network has made the difference in Datalyse becoming a GREAT company instead of just a good company. Hive has helped me reshape my core foundations and the habits needed for personal success, helped us transform our sales process, and helped us build Datalyse into a winning company.

​Toriqul Islam
CEO, AmanTex
Dhaka, Bangladesh

I lead a 4,000 employee company in Bangladesh with $75 million in annual sales. During my time with the Hive Entrepreneur Network so far I have grown my annual sales from $43M to $75M. The Hive community has given me direction, focus, and clarity. Hive has allowed me to focus on the things that matter the most. The program helped me refine my purpose and company mission, shift my internal culture, and helped me meet CEOs from all over the world. It will change your way of thinking and being.

​Derek Johnson
CEO, Tatango
Seattle, USA

Since I became part of the Hive network, my company has grown its annual sales by over 10x. I couldn’t have done it without being part of the Hive network of entrepreneurs and investors. Ryan is an incredible community builder and entrepreneur from whom I have learned so much. I've learned so much about unit economics, myself, and growing my business. I recommend all entrepreneurs join the Hive Entrepreneur Network.

​Marcus McNeill
CEO, Magic
Seattle, USA

I started Magic, a purpose-driven digital marketing agency, after attending a Hive leadership event in Los Angeles. Magic surpassed a $1M run rate in our first year of business, and we couldn’t have done that without Hive. Through Hive’s Entrepreneur Network, I’ve gotten some of my largest clients, have been introduced to values-aligned team members, and learned the science behind unit economics and how to scale my business. The Hive Entrepreneur Network has paid itself back 1,000 times over, and has had a priceless impact on my development as a person and as a leader. I’d recommend Hive to anybody who is serious about playing a bigger game.

Ryan Allis
CEO, Hive
Los Angeles, USA

I founded the Hive Entrepreneur Network (HEN) after 6 years of building a global community of leaders doing good in the world because I personally wanted to be around the most brilliant hearts and minds making the world better and both be supported by them and support them in their dharma on the planet. I have had a successful $170 million exit of iContact  with 300 employees and $50 million in annual sales as well as countless failures on my journey of living my purpose on the planet. The biggest thing I learned, is to live your life and build your companies with people you trust who are have similar values. This makes the entrepreneurial journey it that much easier and honestly way more fun.


After being CEOs of purpose-driven companies, we realized that more than anything -- we wanted a community of other CEOs and founders who are actively working on making a big difference in the world..

We wanted to our spend time in extraordinarily beautiful places with leaders who would understand what we’ve been through and who be there during times of celebration and times of challenge. We wanted to deepen relationships with leaders who would help us scale our company and help us awaken to our full potential and calling on this planet. 

And so, we decided to start the Hive Entrepreneur Network. We’re building it as a community of purpose-driven CEOs and founders working on creating a better world. Whether it is in education, renewable energy, genomics, sustainable housing, software, digital marketing or some other field -- all our members are building companies that positively impact society and have least $1M in annual sales or capital raised. 

We bring together these CEOs and founders in-person for extraordinary gatherings and retreats every three months. Throughout the year we support each other through Zoom Calls and via our WhatsApp groups. Members end up building lifelong relationships, doing business together, creating magical memories in epic locations, and helping each other through our transformation processes. We’d like to invite you to join us!

We hope to see you soon!

Ryan P. Allis
CEO of Hive

Morgan Carson
Chief Community Architect

Membership in the Hive Entrepreneur Network is $10k per year ($2,500 per quarter).