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Advisor Network


Hive maintains an extensive advisor network in the United States and globally that is available to assist our members including professors at Harvard and Stanford, NASA astronauts, Singularity University faculty, futurists, venture capital investors, experienced attorneys, digital marketing experts, top CEOs, and world-class wellness and spiritual health experts.

Tom Chi, GoogleX and CEO of Prototype Labs

Rebecca Henderson, Harvard Business School Professor on Reimagining Capitalism

Vishen Lakhiani, CEO of Mindvalley, Author of Code of the Extraordinary Mind

Yvonne Cagle, NASA Astronaut, Stanford University Consulting Professor

Brad Templeton, Faculty at Singularity University in Synthetic Biology and Exponential Computing

Elizabeth Gore, President of Alice, Former VP at the United Nations Foundation

Scott Kriens, Former CEO of Juniper Networks, Founder of 1440 Multiversity

Jennifer Russell, Level 7 Leadership Coach

Niraj Mehta, Kilowatt Capital
Angel Capital Specialist

Lynne Twist, Pachamama Alliance, Non-Profit Specialist

Neil Bagchi, Bagchi Law
Legal advisor

Dr. Mima Geere, Mimansa
Health advisor

Bo Shao, Evolve Network, Consciousness Accelerator Fund

Mona DeFrawi, CEO & Founder of Radivision

Jairek Robbins, Business & Life Performance Coach

Nicole Bradford, Transformative Technology Lab

Gordon Starr, Starr Consulting, Stanford MBA

Amanda Ravenhill, 
Buckminster Fuller Institute

Daniel Schmachtenberger, NeuroHacker Collective

Elizabeth Ferguson, Ph.D, Compassionate Leadership

Tom Eisenman, Entrepreneurship Professor at Harvard Business School

Brad Bao, Lime and WeChat

Ying Wang, Fosun RZ Capital

Jonathan Teo, Binary Capital and General Catalyst

Jagruti Bhikha, Angel Investor, Founding Partner of Wingpact

Ben Nehmadi, Republic Investment Company, Real estate advisor

Crystal Rose Pierce, CEO of Sensay, Investor at Unicorn Ventures

Ashanti Branch, Men's Coach

Masha Drokova, Founder and General Partner of Day One Ventures

Marcus McNeill, CEO of Magic, Digital Marketing Expert

Nicol Boyar, CEO, Rare Species Marketing Collective