Cabo Retreat – Hive Entrepreneur Network

MAY 14-17, 2020





Our next Hive Entrepreneur Retreat will be May 14-17, 2020 in Cabo, Mexico, 30 minutes from Los Cabos International Airport. 

60 entrepreneurs will be in attendance. All attendees are CEOs, entrepreneurs, and founders building companies with $1M to $250M in annual sales or capital raised. Apply to join us here.

The theme of this mastermind retreat is Business Scaling. We will be focusing on all aspects of scaling your business including sales process, lead generation, and digital advertising.

The event is being designed to create lifelong memories with CEOs and extraordinary entrepreneurs who are building companies making a difference in the world. 

You will have the opportunity swim with dolphins in the Sea of Cortez, watch whales, ride ATVs and horses, dance into the night, and go on a yacht excursion -- all designed to create an environment to form lifelong bonds with other entrepreneurs who are there for you as you grow your company and make a bigger difference.

This retreat is curated Hive CEO Ryan Allis who previously led iContact as CEO to 300 employees, 70,000 customers, $50 million in annual sales, and an exit for $170 million to a publicly traded company.

We will be focusing on helping you celebrate life with and meet the people that will help you accelerate your company's growth, upgrade the quality of your life, and leave a bigger impact in the world. 

The event begins at 3pm on Thursday, May 14, 2020 and ends at 12pm on Sunday, May 17, 2020. Apply here to attend. 

Tickets are $2,500 per person plus the cost of lodging (about $200 per night for an Ocean View King Room).


Our venue, Hotel El Ganzo, is a 4.5 star hotel and spa owned by the family of our good friend Santiago Sanchez-Navarro. We've stayed at the hotel ourselves and it is beautiful. The Sanchez-Navarro family owns hundreds of acres of nearby beachfront land being activated for community building, art, festivals, and gatherings. 


This retreat is being hosted by Ryan Allis and Morgan Carson. Ryan previously was CEO of iContact for ten years and lead the company to 70,000 customers, 300 employees, $50 million in annual sales, and an exit for $170 million to Vocus. Morgan previously was CEO of the fashion design company Rene Ropas. Together they now co-lead Hive.


Ryan is creating a global community of entrepreneur leaders committed to personal and global transformation. Through Hive, he has built a community of over 3,200 leaders in 130 countries committed to creating a better world. He was previously CEO and co-founder of iContact from 2003-2012 and led the company from 300 employees, 70,000 customers, and $50M in annual sales and a sale for $170 million to Vocus (NASDAQ: VOCS). He is a three time INC 500® CEO (2008, 2009, 2010). Ryan was named as the Ernst and Young Entrepreneur of the Year for the Carolinas in 2010. Ryan is an Emeritus Member of the UN Foundation Global Entrepreneur Council and served as National Co-Chair of Technology for Obama during the 2012 U.S. Presidential Election. Ryan is the author of the entrepreneurship book Zero to One Million. Ryan has completed the Robbins-Madanes Coaching Certification, the Landmark Curriculum for Living, The Art of Living Curriculum, the Ascension Leadership Academy, the Singularity University Executive Program, a ten-day Vipassana, and the EO/MIT Entrepreneurial Masters Program, and has completed a number of Shamanic plant medicine experiences. He studied Economics at the University of North Carolina and holds an MBA from Harvard Business School where he was Co-President of the HBS Social Enterprise Club and a fellow of the Harvard Graduate School Leadership Institute. 


Morgan is the co-leader of Hive and the Community Architect for the Hive Entrepreneur Network . She was previously the CEO of fashion label Rene Ropas, a Partner at Goldstein & Associates, the Chief Marketing Officer at PayWithSushi, and Director of Community at TribeRise. She has been a professional artist for 15 years and creates many of the Hive visual artifacts. She is synesthetic and can feel and hear color and all the dimensions of reality -- so when she paints -- she paints to find the harmony between both sound and color. Her art has been shown in San Francisco, Los Angeles, Seattle, and Puerto Rico. She loves travel, dancing, singing, community building, and hosting dinners. She is a self-taught polymath in the fields of physics, biology, and economics and is passionate about creating optimal environments for human potential. She can’t wait to meet YOU!


Ryan Allis
CEO of Hive
​Former CEO of iContact
Los Angeles, CA

Morgan Carson
Event Co-Host
Los Angeles, CA

Gabriel Padva
CEO of Revenue Accelerator
​Sales Process Expert
Vancouver, CA

Brendan Hayes
CEO of Cosmic Ads
​Digital Marketing Expert
Austin, Texas

Chris Paine
​Director of "Who Killed The Electric Car"
​Former CEO of Internet Outfitters
Los Angeles, CA

Brandon Bornancin
CEO of Seamless
Sales AI Software
Columbus, Ohio

Danielle Deming
C​OO of Seamless
​Sales AI Software
Vancouver, CA

Jack Bergstrand
CEO of Consequent
Fortune 500 Project Management
Atlanta, Georgia

jaimi jansen Hive

Jaimi Jansen
CEO of Santa Cruz Core
Integrated Wellness
Santa Cruz, CA

Manny Coats
Founder of Helium 10
E-Commerce Software
Austin, Texas

Adrian Reif
Founder of Yumbutter
Healthy Packaged Goods
Salida, Colorodo

Angel Trinidad
CEO of The Passion Planner
Inspirational Journals
San Diego, California

Vinay Patankar
CEO & Co-Founder of Process Street
Workflow Management Software
San Francisco, CA

Laura Thomas
CEO of Next Level Story
Salida, Colorado

Susan Callender
COO of Epoch Education
Diversity Consultancy
Columbus, Ohio

Faith Shorney
Culture Architect
Los Angeles, CA

Peter Duffy
CEO of Dealer Image Pro
Automobile Photography
Ventura, CA

Erica Olsen
CEO of OnStrategy
Strategic Planning
Reno, Nevada

Mark Donohue
Chairman of LifeGuides
HR Technology
Ocala, Florida

Nancy Dome
CEO of Epoch Education
Diversity Consultancy
Oakland, California

Ryan Comfort
CEO of Coffective
Maternal Health
New York, NY

Bridie Latona
Retreat Experience Designer
Los Angeles, CA

Derek Lundsten
CEO of LifeGuides
HR Technology
Tempe, Arizona

Christian B. Sullivan
Co-Founder of Republic Labs
Angel Investing
New York, NY

Randy Zechman
CEO of Clean Solar
​Solar Installations
San Francisco, CA

Carla Taylor
CEO & Founder of IDEAViz 
Community Building
Carmel, Indiana

Dillion Lanius
Managing Member of LRL & Co
Capital Markets
New York, NY

Andrew Reed
CEO of Red5 Productions
Event Production
Los Angeles, CA

Marc Castro
CEO of Datalyse
CRM & Call Center Software
Cardiff, Wales

James Burns
Managing Partner of JP Business Group
Angel Investing
Raleigh-Durham, North Carolina

Jason Perry
President and CEO of Engagency
Austin, Texas

Nicolas Alcala
CEO of Cocina Sagrada & Community Director at El Ganzo Hotel
Cabo, Mexico

Mike Sherbakov
CEO of Greatness Collective
Real Estate Brokerage
San Diego, CA

Kimberly Mahan
Founder of Maxx Potential
IT Consulting
Richmond, Virginia

Rob Teehan "Gentle Sparrow"
Award-Winning Musician
Los Angeles, CA

Michel Morales
CEO of International Property Specialist
Real Estate
Dallas, Texas


  • Three chef-cooked meals per day
  • Green juices and elixirs
  • Swimming with dolphins
  • Whale watching
  • ATV riding
  • Daily yoga and meditation
  • Spa and fitness center
  • Hot tub, sauna, and pools
  • A global network of purpose-driven entrepreneurs and CEOs
  • Business mastermind sessions
  • Dance parties
  • Music and artistic performances
  • 1:1 business growth coaching
  • Digital marketing mastermind
  • Sales process mastermind
  • Creating your one page strategic plan


  • THU - MAY 14
  • FRI - MAY 15
  • SAT - MAY 16
  • SUN - MAY 17


12pm to 4pm - Arrivals in Cabo
5pm - Opening Session - Meeting Other Attendees
7pm - Opening Dinner
9pm - Evening Music & Connection


The cost of the event is $2,500 per person, plus the cost of lodging (around $200/night for an Ocean View King). Business partners or significant others are also invited to attend for the added cost of $1,500 per person.


As with all Hive experiences, this mastermind event is for CEOs, founders, and owners of companies who are committed to three pillars of business growth, personal transformation, and global impact.


As you scale, staying on top of the latest with digital advertising, inbound sales, and outbound sales is critical. Come join our team of scaling experts and our community of CEOs who have all built and are actively growing 7, 8, and 9 figure purpose-driven businesses. 

As part of the retreat, our team of scaling experts will be working with you on helping you scale your business and the applying the three elements of The Hive Growth Formula: 1) Scalable Advertising 2) Inbound Sales and 3) Outbound Sales.

This venue and mastermind retreat is the perfect venue to build the relationships and gain the knowledge that will help you surpass your current revenue plateau. 


Below are just a few of the testimonials we've collected from attendees of past Hive Entrepreneurs Retreats, who have raved about their experiences. All lead purpose-driven companies with $1M to $250M in annual sales.

"I lead a 4,000 employee company with $75 million in annual sales. During my time working with Ryan within the Hive Entrepreneur Network I have grown my annual sales from $43M to $75M. The Hive community has given me direction and focus. I have found that entrepreneurship can be confusing at times with so many people giving you different ideas. Hive has allowed me to focus on the things that matter the most. The community helped me refine my purpose and company mission, shift my internal culture, and helped me meet CEOs from all over the world.  It will change your way of thinking and being."

- Toriqul Islam, CEO of AmanTex - Dhaka, Bangladesh

“The experience has been amazing. We’re sitting in a beachside mansion in La Jolla, California . We have a private chef and a masseuse. We’ve been led through morning routines involving swims in the ocean and guided visualization exercises. We’ve had dynamic and inspiring conversation with other likeminded entrepreneurs who are very successful. I had to clear my calendar, which was not an easy thing to do, but I’m so glad I did it. Anyone wanting to take their business and life to the next life is someone who could benefit from this experience. Ryan is an inspiring entrepreneur who has accomplished great things. Yet he does this with a sense of humility and compassion that I really respect.”

- Gabriel Padva, CEO of Revenue Accelerator - Vancouver, Canada

“The experience has been wonderful. It exceeded my expectations. I knew the location would be beautiful and that I would get away and have the ability to sit back. I’ve been incredibly surprised by the level of people who have come together as well as the level of caring. Ryan is spot on in his assessments of where we are and what is coming next for each of it. This retreat was a gift to myself. I needed it. I needed to get away from the business and some ups and downs I’ve had the last three years. It was a personal gift to me. The timing was perfect. It was almost like it meant to be. I had the break, and I took it. After this weekend, I have a very good vision of where to go and what to focus on. I have a clear idea of the strategies and tactics that I can implement immediately. I got clarity.”

- Teresa Spangler, CEO of PlazaBridge Group - Raleigh, North Carolina

“I’ve known Ryan way back in the day when he built iContact. I always looked up to him as a tech entrepreneur. He’s great helping people with business strategy. The experience here has been phenomenal. The questions we address are questions we can’t be open about in our normal circles. A lot of my CEO friends back home are my clients, so I can’t exactly be open with them without feeling guilt or share or the worry they might take my concerns the wrong way. One of my main goals was learn how to separate life and work a bit more. I built my business with a lot of drive and passion — and it’s eaten me up. Spending 60 hours per week on your laptop at the mercy of your clients is not fun. I wanted to get back time with my family. I’ve gotten here a lot of clarity about what’s really important to me. Life is much simpler the way I’m thinking about it now. It’s been relieving to have a mindset shift. There is extreme value in this retreat.”

- Nick King, CEO of Six Degree Solutions - Sarasota, Florida

“The team is really talented and good at what they do. They are like angels. My experience has been life changing. I needed to talk to other CEOs and founders from different industries but in similar stages. The whole process helped me take action and put myself first. The experience has helped me become the best version of myself. This was the right decision to come. Now I’m going to speed things up and execute on things that were just not getting done. I initially felt bad being away from the operations. I wondered what’s going to happen without me as CEO. In reality, my team survived. They closed deals. Everything was fine. The team is doing amazing. It was just perception that I had to be there all the time. I overcame the guilt. I'm glad I came.”

Yoly Avalos, CEO of Bquate - Los Angeles, California

“I’ve known Ryan for a long time with his company iContact. Whenever he says something with a retreat, a business model, a method, I listen because it always turned out successful. The individual time with Ryan was tremendous and worth the entire experience. This event put everything in perspective for me on what is most important for me to focus on for the next year. This event reminded me how important physical activity was for me as an entrepreneur. I think it’s kind of a no brainer. The ROI is definitely there. Whether you are looking for business growth, coaching, or personal growth — all of those were satisfied here. It’s definitely worth the investment.” 

- Derek Johnson, CEO of Tatango - Seattle, Washington

“I don’t have much of an entrepreneur support network at home in New York City. I work between Nigeria and the United States where my clients are. I struggle to find a regular consistent go-to group of people who are here to help me think through my personal and professional challenges. I realized none of my challenges, fears, frustrations, anxiety are unique to me. If you are honest enough and brave enough to ask for help, this is the right avenue and platform for you. It’s one of those things you know you’re instinctively ready for. The value-add here as been tremendous.  If I could do this every weekend every month, I could.  I’ve come away with a different level of clarity and purpose in my personal and professional life and honestly I wish that for everyone.”

- Orinola Gbadebo-Smith, CEO of Hugo - New York City, NY

“For the last two years I wanted to come to one of the Hive events. When I heard about this one, I instantly got the call that this was the right time. The retreat was very powerful. You share a space with other entrepreneurs who can give you a lot of perspective on your business. The setting, this house where we are is so beautiful, inspiring, and refreshing. This has been like a work-cation. I got a lot of ideas on how to organize and finance my business and launch my new product. Follow your intuition, and just go.”

- Bruno Goulet, CEO of BizTree - Montreal, Canada


Members from the Hive Entrepreneur Network will be in attendance at the Hive Entrepreneur Retreat. The Hive Entrepreneur Network is an exclusive community of purpose-driven CEOs and founders who are working on changing the world and solving meaningful problems -- in fields as diverse as renewable energy, genetic engineering, SaaS, education, housing, space travel, data science, robotics, healthy living, neuroscience, solar, blockchain, community building, and autonomous vehicles. All of the entrepreneurs in the network are currently leading businesses with $1M to $250M in annual sales or capital raised.


The purpose of this gathering is to bring together and deepen bonds among purpose-driven Chief Executive Officers and founders. We are accepting applications from CEOs and founders building companies with $1M to $250M in annual sales or capital raised. After applying we will be in touch within 1 business day via SMS and email.