Members – Hive Entrepreneur Network


The Hive Entrepreneur Network (HEN) is a community of CEOs and founders who are building companies that are actively creating a better world. We're now accepting applications to be one of our first 100 Founding Members.

Our founding members are leading purpose-driven companies with $1.2 million to $110 million in annual sales and team sizes from 10 to 350 employees. Apply here to join us.


Ryan Allis
CEO of Hive
Community for Leaders
Los Angeles, California

Morgan Carson
Co-leader of Hive
Community for Leaders
Los Angeles, California

Gabriel Padva
CEO of Revenue Accelerator
B2B Sales Outsourcing
Vancouver, Canada

CC Puan
CEO of Green Packet
Publicly traded Malaysian company
Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia

Marcus McNeill
CEO of Magic
Digital Marketing Agency for Good
Boulder, Colorado

Noemi Vegh
CEO of Vega Partners
Talent Acquisition Services for Startups
San Francisco, California

Brandon Bornancin
CEO of
Serving Sales Professionals
Columbus, Ohio

Rahul Narvekar
CEO of The India Network
Network of Entrepreneurs
Delhi, India

Derek Johnson
CEO of Tatango
SaaS Marketing Software
Seattle, Washington

Jaimi Jansen
CEO of Santa Cruz CORE
Integrative Wellness
Columbus, Ohio

James Ingallinera
CEO of Tribe Coliving
Coliving & Tech for Good School
San Francisco, California

Ray Kallmeyer
CEO of Enklu
VR Experiences For Elevating Consciousness
San Francisco, CA

Jeff Staub
CEO of Hive Digital
Digital Marketing for Good
Raleigh, North Carolina, USA

Margaret Blessing
CEO of Juniper Well Ranch
Conscious Retreat Center
Prescott, Arizona, USA

Marc Castro
CEO of Datalyse
Call Center Software
Cardiff, Wales, United Kingdom

Daniel Makinde
CEO of Scout Media
Marketing Agency
Lagos, Nigeria

David Solomon
CEO of Blueprints
​Regenerative Agriculture
London, UK


Our Goal Is Simple...

To build a community of extraordinary CEOs and host events that support you in:

  • Building and scaling profitable, purpose-oriented, and impactful companies
  • Creating a happier, healthier, high-integrity life with deep and meaningful relationships
  • Increasing your wealth and ability to contribute to society
  • Ensuring you always have someone to talk to about the challenges that come up in life and work
  • Building lifelong relationships with people who inspire you, celebrate you, and support you


"I lead a software company in Cardiff, UK with the mission of building the world's easiest contact center software. The Hive Entrepreneur Network is helping me scale my CRM software company to 8 figures in sales and is helping us raise venture capital. Hive has made the difference in Datalyse becoming a GREAT company instead of just a good company. Ryan has helped me reshape my core foundations and the habits needed for personal success, helped us transform our sales process, and helped us build Datalyse into a winning company."

Marc Castro
Chief Executive Officer, Datalyse
Cardiff, Wales, United Kingdom

"I lead a 4,000 employee company in Bangladesh with $75 million in annual sales. During my time with the Hive Entrepreneur Network so far I have grown my annual sales from $43M to $75M. Hive has given me direction, focus, and clarity and allowed me to focus on the things that matter the most. The program helped me refine my purpose and company mission, shift my internal culture, and helped me meet CEOs from all over the world. It will change your way of thinking and being."

Toriqul Islam
Chief Executive Officer, AmanTex
Dhaka, Bangladesh

"Since I became part of the Hive, my company has grown its annual sales by over 10x. I couldn’t have done it without being part of the Hive network of entrepreneurs and investors. Ryan is an incredible community builder and entrepreneur from whom I have learned so much. I've learned so much about unit economics and growing my business. I recommend all purpose-driven entrepreneurs join the Hive Entrepreneur Network."

Derek Johnson
Chief Executive Officer, Tatango
Seattle, Washington

Membership in the Hive Entrepreneur Network is $10k per year or $2,500 per quarter.